Quality Policy

“Rippey is committed to be the preferred supplier of high quality PVA brushes which consistently provide customer value and satisfaction. Our Rippey team is committed to comply with all requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.”

- Paiman Karim, Business Unit Manager

In most cases, Rippey PVA products are considered critical materials. As such, Rippey has developed a robust Quality Management System (QMS) to support the evolving needs of our current and future high technology customer-base.

  • Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • Periodic and systematic trend reviews
  • Process transparency
  • Product traceability
  • Change notification
  • Sub-supplier management
  • Business continuity planning
ISO 9001_2015

Analytical Capabilities

Rippey also offers an extensive array of technical services and support for its global customer base

  • Compression and Tensile Testing
  • Dynamic and Fatigue Testing *
  • (Micro) Hardness Testing *
  • Pore Size (Mercury porosimetry)
  • Porosity (Helium pycnometry)
  • Moisture Analysis/Water Absorption
  • Viscosity and Rheological Testing
  • Tg and Crystallization Analysis *
  • Anion/Cation Contamination (Ion Chromatography)
  • Trace Metal Contamination (ICP-MS and GC-MS *)
  • Organic Contamination (FTIR) *
  • Decomposition and Volatility (TGA) *
  • Material Electrokinetic Properties (Streaming Zeta Potential)
  • Coordinate Measuring Machines /CMM (Optical and Laser-based)
  • Liquid Particle Detection (Laser Scattering; 200nm, 100nm, 50nm)
  • Surface Morphology (Chromatic White Light Interferometry)
  • 3D Optical and Stereo Microscopy *
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy *

*Shared resource with ITW Innovation Center