As the pioneer in the use of PVA for critical cleaning applications in the high technology sector, Rippey is uniquely positioned to design and manufacture a technically advanced new level of PVA products for the most demanding process applications.


Predominantly used for post-CMP cleaning, PVA brush contact cleaning has enabled the development and manufacturing of cutting-edge 3D memory chips and ≤7nm microprocessors

  • post-CMP
    • FEoL, MoL, BEoL
  • Substrate
    • Prime Si, SOI, Reclaim
  • Photomask cleaning
  • Chamber cleaning
Macro of Silicon wafers

Data Storage (HDD)

PVA contact cleaning reduces incoming and process-related contamination required to produce high-speed, high-capacity storage devices

  • Disk
    • Al, glass, NiP, PZT
  • Read/Write Head
    • Thin-film, MR
A close-up shot of the inside of a computer hard disk drive (HDD). Cooling filter applied to accentuate the coldnest of technology.

Thin Film/Optics/LED

Applications are emerging for PVA products to reduce particle levels before and after deposition of critical thin films with stringent defect requirements

  • Nano coatings
  • Smart Glass
  • Optical Communications
  • Instrumentation
Young female doctor looking at hologram screen. Electronic medical record. Smart glasses. Medical technology concept.


As the demand grows for micro sensors, especially wearable or implantable devices, so does the demand for customizable cleaning products with low levels of releasable contamination

  • Inertial Sensors
  • Micro fluidics, RF
  • Solar TF/Silicon cleaning, drying
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Medical Device

Unique properties of PVA have proven very effective at controlling contamination in and around medical instruments used in the treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of disease

  • Flex Circuit
  • Fixture cleaning