Applications Support

  • For today’s advanced process nodes and technologies, synergy between the cleaning system, the chemistry, and the PVA product is paramount
  • The Rippey applications engineering team is able to provide onsite global collaboration and support with customers, OEM's, and related consumable suppliers
  •      Process development and troubleshooting
  •      Interpretation and analysis of performance data
Cleanroom worker in a microchip production plant examining a semiconductor wafer using a microscope.
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  • Materials engineering solutions typically require lab-scale, fundamental research and development
  • In conjunction with the ITW Innovation Center, Rippey employs a stage-gate approach to process and product innovation
  • Rippey also offers an extensive array of analytical resources and testing services for new and existing customers
  •      Chemistry-PVA brush compatibility testing
  •      Material characterization and failure analysis
  •      Process modeling

Rapid Prototyping

  • With growing applications for PVA contact cleaning, Rippey understands the need for developing customizable parts
  • Rippey staff of certified professional engineers are able to quickly design parts and mechanical assemblies with 3D solid modeling tools
  • Rapid prototyping of molds, specialty tooling, and fixtures is possible with an onsite, fully-outfitted machine shop
Close up of CNC machine processing